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I-CU Data Recovery Center [ Hotline : 084-438-9848 , 082-782-5741 ]

I-CU Data Recovery Center

To solve the customer’s problems of data loss caused by computer virus, deletion of wrong files, damage of data files, as well as problems relating to the data storage device, in late 2005, the Company has opened the data recovery center called “I-CU Data Recovery Center”.

I-CU Data Recovery Center is the only one standard service center with clean room in Thailand, which can recover the data from hardware-related problems. However, I-CU Data Recovery Center can recover data of all types of applications, operating systems and in all situations, including deleted data, damaged database, broken cassettes, infected with computer viruses, fire, flood,application/user errors making the data irretrievable.

Examples of our data recovery applications such as hard disk, floppy disk, flash drive, DVD, memory card.